Mapperty - Map Your Property!

Mapperty is the all-in-one 2D/3D floor & site plan creator for property development professionals. Our robust tools allow you to easily scan or draw the layout of a property and receive near-instant planning documents with an unrivalled level of accuracy and detail.

In addition, we also provide tools to help you create 3D models of your plans; share and manage your data in a range of file types; control your company’s brand appearance; as well as manage and organise your construction projects in one convenient location

Digitizing Property Planning

The world is becoming more digitized by the day, and the property development industry is no exception. The potential of technologies like point cloud mapping, drone photogrammetry and cloud storage are truly boundless. They have the potential to transform the industry, promising increased efficiency, reduced risk of human error and streamlined communication. We at Mapperty have invested the time and resources to use that technology to its fullest, and that means we’ve worked to bypass the risks involved too.

Wth the rise in digitisation comes a risk of disorganisation. As technology diversifies, management becomes more difficult and communication can break down. While spatial mapping technology can be incredibly beneficial, unifying the vast swathes of equipment types and proprietary formats available can become a gargantuan challenge. From high-end spatial mapping technologies like GeoSLAM to accessible alternatives like Apple’s LiDAR spatial tracking tech and traditional pen-and-paper methods, the property planning world is facing an organisational crisis. This is where Mapperty comes in.

Powered By Machine Learning

Advanced machine learning algorithms sit at the heart of Mapperty’s toolset. Combined with our Python-based mathematical engine and image processing functionality, it enables rapid and detailed interpretation of point cloud LAS files for translation into usable 2D and 3D models.

All you need to do is upload a scan of your property with any GeoSLAM (or other LiDAR) capturing device, drone photogrammetry device or an iPhone 13/iPhone 13 Pro and our engine will handle the rest. Once complete, your finished site or floor plan can be downloaded as a .PDF or .DWG (drawing) file for use in any CAD application.

Our machine learning engine can also handle alternative inputs, including the tablet-based Mapperty Sketch app (which allows for the digital sketches of floor and site plans to be implemented into, or even used as, final designs) and even raw, hand-drawn sketches.

Streamlining Project Management

Most construction and development projects face issues due to poor management tools and organisation, not lack of experience or expertise. With so many people and professions operating around any single site, communication breakdown is hard to avoid. Data sets can arrive from so many different places and in so many different forms that it can seem inevitable that issues arise. Inability to assemble this data into a single usable plan can lead to significant delays in project completion, not to mention a lot of wasted money. 

Our Solution

Thankfully, Mapperty provides clients with a user-friendly framework of tools to manage projects. In addition to collating data sets so everyone involved in a project is on the same page, it also provides real-time updates on the status of a project, whether it be in the planning, pre-construction, construction or quality control phase.

A single End-to-End app user account provides shared access for up to five managers and five crew members. With Mapperty, they can easily collaborate, share files and keep track of the progress of a project. Additionally, it offers functionality for designating tasks, managing crew, keeping track of clients, handling billing and exporting MAP files.

Supported By Human Talent

We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that our machine learning algorithm offers unrivalled results, but no service is complete without a human touch. That’s why we depend on our team of 100s of in-house designers to support you and your team. Whether you need technical assistance, a 3D model of a 2D scan or a Revit file of an existing 3D model, our team is on-hand to provide you with the support you need

Generous File Storage

If there’s one lesson you don’t want to learn the hard way, it’s that backups are absolutely crucial. You could pour weeks and a mountain of funds into a project, and without a reliable backup it could vanish faster than you can say “hard drive failure”. That’s why Mapperty’s End-to-End suite of apps offers 10GB of cloud storage, so you don’t have to worry about losing all-important planning information and restarting from scratch. Plus, with a custom-built in-app document manager, you can save time with an easy method of managing your plans, models, maps and documents.

Realtors, architects or other users with the pay-as-you-go Mapperty Scan app can also access cloud-based storage at an additional cost. Find out more about our pricing structure here.

Flexible Products, Scaling Pricing Structure

With tools that cater to such a wide range of users—surveyors, architects, homeowners, realtors and more we’ve made sure to offer different pricing models to match every use case. For our Mapperty sketch app aimed at land and property surveyors, users will pay a flat fee per single family residential lot. This ensures that they do not need to worry about racking up fees from client demands or unexpected redrafts. For our per-project app, aimed at realtors, architects and individual homeowners, users will pay per scan. This reflects the broader range of sizes and the increased complexity of the jobs they typically take on.Ultimately, our pricing structure means that no client will pay exorbitant amounts for the services they need or the number of project scans they need to make.