Virtual Staging

Say goodbye to guesswork; forget straining to imagine the potential of a vacant property. Selling a property, planning a redevelopment job or attracting investors is easy with virtual staging from Mapperty.  

Mapperty’s virtual staging technology can show you the furnishing and decorative potential of your property with robust tools for virtually kitting out and touring your space. It’s ideal for property developers, decorators and homeowners, as well as real estate professionals looking to promote their assets to prospective tenants or buyers.

All you need is the Matterport app (available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store) to create a “digital twin” of your existing property. From there, it’s a matter of sharing with us your vision, and we’ll get to work bringing it to life

How it works

Presenting your empty property in its best possible light couldn’t be easier! All you need to do is upload a 3D Matterport scan of your space via the Mapperty app on iOS and Android. Once you provide the crucial details of your order, including specifications and sample designs, our design team will craft a bespoke virtual mirror of your space, complete with the furnishings and design flourishes you requested.

The whole process takes around 24 to 48 hours, and you’ll be kept informed the entire time. From the initial pre-production phase and 3D mesh construction, to texturing and final renders, our team will be in touch every step of the way to ensure that our progress aligns with your vision for the final virtual staging product

Furnish Your Property In A Flash

An empty property won’t make a lasting impression. Without full furnishing or decor, even the most appealing property will look hollow. Luckily, Mapperty’s straightforward tools, powered by Matterport, can help you furnish and style your space in no time at all. Once designed, clients, colleagues and prospective buyers can explore your virtual property freely and from a variety of immersive angles and perspectives.

Bespoke Design Service

From day one, our team works directly with you to ensure that they meet your precise expectations. From the layout of the building including the floorplan, materials and elevations to the mood you’re looking to create, Mapperty aims to understand the ins and outs of both your property and your unique requirements. When we’re done, you’ll swear we’ve plucked your dream space straight out of your mind.

Accessible On All Modern devices

Mapperty’s virtual flythroughs are available on a range of devices, including PCs, mobile devices, tablets, VR headsets and AR headgear. From captivating high-end clients with tours in virtual reality to on-the-fly colleague briefings on smartphones, our flythroughs are designed for any purpose.

Staging Without Limits

Unlike traditional staging which is cumbersome and costly the limits of virtual staging end only when your imagination does. Our experienced graphic design team is empowered by a comprehensive library of virtual assets. They’ll work to outfit and enhance your property to your exact specifications, delivering a highly realistic 3D walkthrough ready for viewing on a PC/Mac, smartphone/tablet or AR/VR.

Plus, Mapperty is equipped to deliver 3D flythroughs bursting with an unprecedented level of detail. Our design team’s penchant for lifelike textures, picturesque lighting and vivid colours is sure to impress investors, convince clients and blow buyers away. In an age where 3D modelling and visualisation technology is growing increasingly advanced, it’s this level of extreme detail which will help you stand apart as a true professional.

Top Results At Low Prices

Virtual staging lets you plan developments and showcase your property without bearing the costs and logistical maneuvering involved with real-world staging. It’s ideal for maximising profit margins, and the accessibility of the end result helps you reach the broadest possible pool of clients.

High - End Lighting Technology

Realistic, dynamic lighting plays a pivotal role in inspiring confidence in buyers, guests and clients. With Mapperty’s virtual staging app, your property’s virtual twin will benefit from a suite of industry-leading lighting tools such as Marmoset Skyshop and Candela SSRR. Mapperty’s designers use these tools to their fullest in tweaking the lighting of your space to a picture-perfect sheen. For professional results, our team is unmatched.

Virtual Staging Creator Studio

Prefer to get hands-on? Our Virtual Staging Creator Studio, which lets you take control and experiment without direct control from Mapperty designers. Of course, if you’re unsure of anything or in need of support, Mapperty’s dedicated support team is also on-hand to provide assistance if required.

Powered By Industry-Standard Matterport Tech

Mapperty’s virtual staging uses Matterport’s Digital Twin technology as a foundation. Available on iOS and Android, the Mapperty app is a simple, user-friendly way to capture an accurate scan of your property. The finished 3D model will be available on the Matterport platform. We also provide support in embedding the Matterport link on your website.